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Secondary Marketing Group enables you to add or enhance the mortgage banking capabilities of your existing business

Move from Broker to Banker:
  • More income, better profitability: You make the fees that you'd make as a broker in addition to those that have been going to the bank.
  • Fewer disclosure issues: As a broker, you have to disclose every last detail, as a banker, when you're lending your own money, your yield spread and other fees don't need to be disclosed.
  • We take care of EVERYTHING: That includes live back-office help as well as software that allows you to track loans and monitor your account..
  • Improve your capabilities and credibility: By offering your clients a one-stop-shop, you'll be taking your business to the next level. As your partner, we're helping you behind the scenes, but you get to take all the credit!

Move from Broker to Banker:
  • Complete Online Banking Solution.
  • Licensing.
  • Increase Profits.
  • Gain More Control Over The Lending Process.
  • Warehouse Line Approval.
  • Correspondent Lender Approvals.
  • Paperless File.
  • Increased Ability to Compete.